Audit and Mapping

Through DPO Consulting's audit service, organizations will be able to carry out internal audits or audits data processors in order to verify their compliance with data protection legislation and identify possible non-conformities.

Key elements of the audit process:

The main stakeholders, the personal data processed and its collection process;

The categorization of data, its systematization, hierarchization, location and respective flows

The information security measures implemented and their adequacy to risk.

Data mapping is critical for organizations and allows them to have a deeper understanding of their processes and the personal data involved in them.

Data mapping, namely through the Record of Data Processing Activities required by the GDPR, compels companies to:

Identify the personal data processed;


Analyze the security measures planned and effectively implemented;

Understand the life cycle of data, its interdependencies and accesses;

Verify the legitimacy and necessity of the personal data processing carried out by the organization